Friday, 13 June 2014

A few more Brags

I have a few more brags from the Ace/Spryte puppies.

Last weekend Susan and "Cricket" competed in a CKC Rally trial and earned their Rally Advanced titles with TWO High in Class wins.  I'm told Cricket loves to heel and has wonderful attention heeling. She is also a bit like her momma Spryte, barking with enthusiasm during her rally runs.  She just can't contain her love of working.

The second brag is for Bree and "Izzy."  Izzy ran in her first flyball tournament last weekend. She was not scheduled to run, but when the team fell short a dog they decided to throw her in and see what happens.  Izzy shocked them all by running perfectly!  She even picked up enough points for her first two flyball titles! Flyball Dog and Flyball Dog Excellent.
   Bree and Izzy also auditioned for the SuperDog's team a few weeks back. They found out yesterday that they have been accepted and will start apprenticing at the show in July.  How exciting for Bree, her and Izzy will be Super Dogs Stars!  They have been working hard on a freestyle routine, agility skills, counting (that's right, Izzy can count!) and skateboarding.
   Congratulations to both Susan and Bree on such big accomplishments with these baby dogs. Keep up the great work ;)

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

ADC for Snap and Quinn pics

A few updates on Snap and Quinn from our first litter out of Ace & Spryte nearly two years ago now!

A brag from last weekend's agility trial in Calgary… Wendy and "Snap" (Hyperhounds Capture the Moment CGN RN AGN AGNJ) earned their AAC Agility Dog of Canada title!  What a fantastic team these two are!  Here are some picture of Snap from the weekend.

Kathy and "Quinn" are also working hard on their agility skills.  Lots of weekly practises for the pair and wonderful pictures from Annette Young.  Here are a few of pics of Quinn soaring over jumps and having a great time on the agility field.  These two are having a great time together.